Star Gazing Sampler Quilt Pattern - New Pattern Release

Star Gazing Quilt Pattern

Meet my latest pattern release - Star Gazing! Star Gazing is a sampler quilt pattern, meaning each block has a different pattern within it. Instead of making each star different, I kept the theme of the basic Friendship Star quilt block but changed the center squares throughout the block sizes.

The quilt includes three block sizes; 6", 9" and 12", with sashing in between the blocks. This gives a modern look to the quilt, which is a departure from my usual, more traditional patterns. 

Star Gazing can be made with as little as 10 fat quarters for the star blocks, plus background fabric. However, for the sample quilt I used a total of 14 fat quarters from Moda's Grunge Seeing Stars fabric line for more color variety. The background fabric is White Paper, also from the Grunge Fabric line.

This quilt was fun to make because it allowed me to try different block patterns, preventing the boredom that can sometimes come with repetitive quilt piecing. The various block sizes also kept it interesting while allowing me to play with different color combinations both overall and within each block. 

Though I used a white background, the pattern would also look great using a contrasting color for the sashing as shown below:


Star Gazing Quilt Pattern Alternate ColorwayStar Gazing Quilt Pattern Alternate Color Scheme


Star Gazing is available as a digital download here.

Until next time, Happy quilting!

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Beautiful quilt. Love the different center in each block, and it looks great with contrasting background/sashing.


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