Baby Blocks Charm Square Baby Quilt Pattern in Two Sizes

Baby Blocks quilt pattern


I guess I'm revealing my age when I mention rick-rack! My daughter-in-law didn't know the term, but my (over 50) quilting friends certainly do! While designing my latest quilt pattern, I envisioned rick-rack trim on either end of the quilt. While \ rick-rack is usually sewn on as an adornment, I wanted to create rick-rack trim that was part of the piecing and blended in with the blocks. After some experimentation with triangle sizes, I came up with a charm square baby quilt pattern that uses a zig-zag design that blends with charm square blocks.

The resulting pattern is Baby Blocks, a new charm square baby quilt pattern. Baby Blocks includes two size options. The baby size is 36" X 36.5" and uses one charm pack, plus a small amount of accent fabric for the zig zag blocks. This size has one row of rick-rack blocks on each end. The crib/toddler size is 45" X 56.5" and includes two rows of zig-zag blocks on either end and requires two charm packs plus accent fabric. The quilt shown above is the crib/toddler size. 


charm square baby quilt pattern


Baby Blocks is suitable for any level quilter. However, the zig-zag blocks do take a little extra care because they are made up of triangles. They are the perfect challenge for a beginner or intermediate level quilter. Once the zig-zag rows are complete, the rest of the quilt (made up of charm squares) goes together quickly as there is no cutting to be done for those blocks. It is the perfect baby quilt pattern for that new grandbaby or shower gift. It's also an ideal pattern when you want something a little different, or a little challenging but, still want the convenience of charm squares.

Baby Blocks is available now as a PDF digital download here, or as a printed pattern here.

Until Next time, happy quilting!

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